19th NorCal RTNDA News Awards - 1999-2000

Presented as part of the 19th NorCal RTNDA & Region 2 Convention, Saturday, March 4, 2000 at the Sonoma Hilton, Santa Rosa.

The 19th Annual Northern California RTNDA (Radio-Television News Directors Association) News Awards were presented Saturday evening, March 3rd at the Sonoma Hilton in Santa Rosa. KRON-TV Anchors Pete Wilson and Wendy Tokuda were the masters of ceremony, with NorCal RTNDA president Peter Finch, News Director, KFOG-FM, handing out the plaques.

The Awards Banquet is the highlight of the three day conference which included sessions on “A Foot in the Door,” “Cyber Tools,” “Cyber Jobs,” “Story Telling with Deborah Potter,” “Unfair Use,” “Business News,” “TV Anchors,” ”Radio News,” and “General Managers.”  RTNDA National President Barbara Cochran gave the luncheon address along with Tim Crews, editor of the Sacramento Valley Monitor, who had just been released from a five-day jail term for refusing to reveal a news source.  The Associated presented Tim with a $1,000 check toward his legal defense fund.  Other events included exhibitors of newsroom products, tape critiques for news reporters and anchors climbing the ranks and a wine seminar with ABC7 weathercaster and wine expert Spencer Christian.

Awards were presented to newsrooms in Northern California and Reno, in two divisions “A” radio newsroom up to 6 people and TV newsroom up to 49 people, and “AA” radio newsrooms over 6 full time staff and TV newsrooms over 50 staff. The entries were judges by news managers from around the country. Almost 300 entries were received from 33 stations.

A complete list of winners follows:

Television - Division  “AA”

Best News Broadcast - 30 Minutes
KXTV, Sacramento  “News 10 at 6:00.”  Ron Comings, News Director; Grant Howlett, Senior Producer; News 10 Staff.

Best News Broadcast - 60 minutes
KTVU, Oakland  “The 10 O’Clock News”  Andrew Finalyson, News Director; Mike Kelly, Executive Producer; Dennis Richmond, Leslie Griffith, Anchors.

Best Live or Breaking News
KCRA-TV, Sacramento  “California Wildfires”  Kristen Simoes, Loree Levy, Reporters; Rob Stewart, Mike Williams, Photographers.

Best Special News Program
KTVU, Oakland,  “Can’t Find My Way Home”  Roland De Wolk, Producer; Rob Roth, Leslie Griffith, Mark Curtis, Reporters; Doug Peacock, Photographer.

Best Investigative Reporting
KRON-TV, San Francisco  “HUD Expose”  Sandy Lee, Producer; Joe Ducey, Reporter.

Best Multi-Part Series
KRON-TV  “Race & the Media”  Craig Franklin, Producer/Photographer; Pam Moore, Pete Wilson, Anchors; Jim Joy, Alex Zanini, Editors.

Best News Reporting
KGO-TV, San Francisco  “Foster Mom”  Ken Miguel, Producer; Dan Noyes, Reporter; Cathy Cavey, Paul Zaro, Bill Hansen, Photographers; Lynn Friedman, Editor.

Best Feature Reporting Serious  
KNTV, San Jose  “Air One”  Janet Kim, Reporter; Mark Villarreal, Photographer.

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KRON-TV, San Francisco  “Sebastopol Door”  Greg Lyon, Reporter.

Best Specialty Reporting
KTXL-TV, Sacramento  “The Legal Edge”  Michel James Bryant, Executive Producer/Host; Hugh McChord, Director/Photographer

Best Sports - Program
KCRA-TV, Sacramento  “Little League Grows Up”  Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Producer; Cecil Houston, Photojournalist.

Best Weather - Segment/Story
KXTV, Saramento,  “Storm of the Century”  Elissa Lynn, Chief Meterologist; Kevin Tansey. Chief Photographer.

Best Traffic Reporting
KTVU, Oakland  “Morning s on Two”  Sal Castaneda, Reporter.

Best News Writing
KTXL-TV, Sacramento  “The Legal Edge”  Michel James Bryant, Writer.

Best Reporter-Photographer-Editor
KNTV, San Jose,  “Half Moon Fishing”  Dean C. Smith, Reporter/Photographer/Editor.

Best News Photographer
KNTV, San Jose  “Villarreal Composite”  Mark Villarreal, Reporter/Photographer/Editor

Best Videotape Editing
KGO-TV, San Francisco,  “Sudweeks Composite”  James Sudweeks, Editor.

Best Webpage:
KTVU, Oakland,  “KTVU - bayinsider.com/news”  Bob Hirschfeld, Senior Producer; Clark McKinley, Producer.

Television - Division  “A”

Best News Broadcast - 30 minutes
KDTV, San Francisco,  “Solo a las Once / Only at Eleven News”  Sandra Thomas, News Director; KDTV News Staff.

Best Live or Breaking News
KUVS-TV, Sacramento,  “Crook on the Loose”  Elizabeth Chavolla, Producer; Pedro Calderon, Hilda Padilla, Anchors; Pablo Expinoza, Reporter.

Best Special News Program
KTVN-TV, Reno,  “Time 2 Act”  Nancy Cope, News Director.

Best Investigative Reporting
KFSN-TV, San Francisco  “Parks Department Farud”  Ann Notarangelo, Reporter.

Best Multi-part Series
ZDTV, San Francisco,  “Reeve”  Harry Fuller, News Director; Andrew Shinnick, Executive Producer; Janet Yee, Reporter; Christopher Kievman, Photographer.

Best News Reporting
KEYT-TV, Santa Barbara  “Emergency Alert”  John Palminteri, Reporter; Pat Kightlinger, Chris Johnston, Editors.

Best Feature Reporting - Serious
KDTV, San Francisco,  “Resaatandolos del Olvido / Rescued From Being Forgotten”  Araceli Martinez, Reporter; Rito Vargas, Photographer.

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KSEE-TV, Fresno  “Bugler”  Orin Winick, Reporter; Jorge Corrales, Photographer; Bob Lopez, Editor

Best Specialty Reporting
KJEO-TV, Fresno,  “47 On Your Side”  Erik Rosales, Reporter/Editor.

Best Sports-Feature/Segment
KFSN-TV, Fresno,  “Snowboard King”  Dale Yurong, Sports Anchor; John Ramos. Photographer/Editor.

Best News Writing
KOLO-TV, Reno  “Nevada: Going to Pot?”  Terri Russell, Writer.

Best Reporter-Photographer-Editor:
KION-TV, Salinas,  “Gizdich Apple Ranch”  Michael Horn, Reporter/Photographer/Editor.

Best News Photography
KUVS-TV, Sacramento,   “Lowriders”  Albert Garcia, Photographer.

Best Videotape Editing
KFSN, Fresno  “Ramos Composite”  John Ramos, Editor.

Radio - Division  “AA”

Best News Broadcast - under 15 Minutes
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “KCBS 4PM News”  KCBS News Team.

Best News Broadcast - 15 Minutes or over
KGO-AM, San Francisco,  “The KGO Afternoon News  Ed Baxter, Rosie Allen, Anchors; KGO Afternoon News Team.

Best Live or Breaking News
KGO-AM, San Francisco,  “Julie Day”  KGO-Radio News Afternoon Team.

Best Special News Program
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “Gimme Shelter”  Mike Sugerman,
Holly Quan, Reporters.

Best Investigative Reporting
KGO-AM, San Francisco,  “Pulling the Plug on Privacy”  Lynn Jimenez, R.J. Peruman, Mary Ellen Geist, Jon Bristow, Kevin Patrick, Reporters; Mary Pender, Producer.

Best Multi-Part Series
KGO-AM, San Francisco,  “Who's minding the Cyberstore?”  R.J. Peruman, Jon Bristow, Kevin Patrick, Reporters; Mary Pender, Producer

Best News Reporting
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “Close Call”  Holly Quan, Reporter.

Best Feature Reporting - Serious
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “Carpool Lane”  Doug Sovern,

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KFOG-FM. San Francisco,  “Skipping”  Peter Finch, Reporter; Greg Portillo, Production Specialist.

Best Specialty Reporting
KQED-FM, San Francisco,  “Education”  Kathryn Baron, Reporter/Producer.

Best Sports Segment/Feature
KNBR-AM, San Francisco,  “Countdown to the Millennium”  Frank Dill, Narrator; Tom Spencer, Producer/Narrator.

Best Weather - Segment/Story
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “Stormwatch”  KCBS News Team.

Best Traffic Reporting
KGO-AM, San Francisco,  “Chemical Spill”  Lin Durling, Traffic Anchor.

Best News Writing
KCBS-AM, San Francisco,  “Heroin Chic”  Mike Sugerman, Reporter/Writer.
KGO-AM, San Francisco, “Violin”  Kevin Patrick, Reporter/Writer

Best Use of Sound
KFBK-AM, Sacramento  “Rock Docs”  Bret Burkhart, Reporter; Michael Murray, Image Director.

Radio - Division  “A”

Best News Broadcast - Under 15 Minutes
KNCO, Grass Valley,  “Noon News”  Mike Nichels, Rita Stevens, Anchors; JoAnn Chartier, Bob Griffith,
Anchor/Reporters; Lisa Hitchock, Stock Broker.

Special News Program
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento,  “Healing Healthcare”  Sue Wilson, Executive Producer/Host Rob Schober, Executive Producer; Suzanne Marmion, Reporter.

Best Multi-Part Series
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento,  “Politics of Health”  Sue Wilson, Producer; Suzanne Marmion, Reporter.

Best Feature Reporting-Serious
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento,  “Nursing Home Reform”  Suzanne Marmion, Reporter.

Best Feature Reporting-Light
KNCO, Grass Valley,  “World Slingers Literacy Festival & Book Fair”  Jim Kerr, Reporter.

Best Specialty Reporting
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento, “State Politics”  Suzanne Marmion, Reporter.

Best Sports - Segment/Feature
KNCO, Grass Valley,  “7:20 Sports Report”  Tom Fitzsimmons, Sports Director.

Best News Writing
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento,  “Crows” (Crow Invasion)  Suzanne Marmion, Writer.

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