20th NorCal RTNDA News Awards - 2000-2001

Radio-Television News Directors Association of Northern California.
Presented: Saturday, March 24, 2001, Monterey Marriott Hotel, Monterey, CA.

The 20th Annual Northern California RTNDA (Radio-Television News Directors Association) News Awards were presented Saturday evening, March 24th at the Monterey Marriott Hotel in Monterey, CA.  KTVU "Mornings on 2" field anchor Mark Pitta was the master of ceremony, with NorCal RTNDA president Peter Finch, News Director, KFOG-FM handing out the plaques.  After thanking the outgoing and welcoming the incoming Board of Directors.  Don Fitzpatrick was presented a LifeTime Membership in the association.

The Awards Banquet is the highlight of the three day conference which included sessions on:  "ShopTalk After Dark with Don Fitzpatrick, "A Foot in the Door," "Fusion News.corn," "News Writing Workshop with Mackie Morris," "Undercover Reporting," "Meet the News Directors," "Radio News," "Reporting Live on the Scene," and "Getting a Life, After Local TV News." CNN's co-host of Crossfire, Bill Press gave the luncheon address. RTNDA Region 2 director, Warren Cereghino handed out the Edward R. Murrow for Region 2 at the Luncheon.  Director at large Janice Gin, talked about the newly adopted Ethics Code.  Other events included exhibitors of newsroom products, station recruiters, tape critiques for news reporters and anchors climbing the ranks, and a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Audio tapes of the sessions are available.

Awards were presented to newsrooms in Northern California and Reno, in two divisions "A" radio newsroom up to 6 people and TV newsroom up to 49 people, and "AA" radio newsrooms over 6 full time staff and TV newsrooms over 50 staff. The entries were judges by news managers from around the country. Over 250 entries were received from 32 stations.

A complete list of winners follows:

Television - Division "AA"

Best News Broadcast - 30 Minutes
KXTV News 10, Sacramento, “Newsl0 at 6:00," Ron Comings, news director; Grant Howlett, senior producer

Best News Broadcast - 60 minutes
KTVU, Oakland “The 10 O'Clock News" Andrew Finalyson, news director; Mike Kelly, executive producer; Dennis Richmond, Leslie Griffith, anchors.

Best Special News Program
KPIX-TV, San Francisco, "The Bay to Breakers Highlight Show," John Catchings, executive producer; Lena Sullivan, Darryl Compton, producers; Tim Hazen, Janel Andronico, associate producers; Jonathan Karsh, Malou Nubla, hosts; Roberta Gonzales, Renel Brooks-Moon, Doug Murphy, field reporters; Michael Mitchell, post production editor

Best Investigative Reporting
KRON 4 News, San Francisco, "Drug Haven," Robbi Peele, producer; Vic Lee, reporter; Jim Joy, editor

Best Multi-Part Series
KRON   4 News, San Francisco, "Sex on the Brain," Craig Franklin, producer/photographer; Pam Moore, reporter; Karyne Holmes, Jim Joy, editors

Best News Reporting
KTVU, Oakland, "Castro & Elian," Cristina Gastelu, producer; Rita Williams, reporter

Best Feature Reporting Serious
KRON 4 News, San Francisco, "Mistake of the Millennium," Brian Hackney, producer/reporter/writer; John Michael Kessler, producer; Jeff Pierce, film/video photographer; Karyne Holmes, editor

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KNTV, San Jose, "Bushman," Jonas Tichenor, reporter; Brad Williams, videographer

Best Specialty Reporting
KGO-TV ABC 7, "7 On Your Side," John Motroni, Jennifer Vogelsberg, consumer producers; Michael Finney, consumer reporter

Best Sports - Program
KOVR-TV, Sacramento, "Backyard Wrestling," Ross Blackstone, reporter;
Kathy Newell, photographer/editor; Josh Telliano, photographer

Best Weather - Segment/Story
KTVU, Oakland, "Bentley Weather Report," Rhonda Bentley, meteorologist

Best Traffic Repotting
KTVU, Oakland "Morning's on Two" Sal Castaneda, reporter.

Best News Writing
KRON 4 News, San Francisco, "Mistake of the Millennium," Brian Hackney, writer

Best Reporter-Photographer-Editor
KBWB-TV20, San Francisco, "Oltz Composite," Mark Oltz, reporter/photographer/editor

Best News Photographer
KPIX-TV, San Francisco, "Spells Composite," Cordetta Spells, photographer

Best Videotape Editing
KNTV-TV, San Jose, "Bishoff Composite," Barton Bishoff, editor

Best Webpage:
KXTV News 10, Sacramento, "news 10.net," Bob Montgomery, webmaster; Elizabeth Bishop, internet news producer

Television - Division "A"

Best News Broadcast - 30 minutes
KUVS-TV, Sacramento, "Noticias 19 at 6," Roberto Yanez, news director; Ingrid Luquetta, executive producer; Elizabeth Chavolla, producer; Pedro Calderon, Hilda Padilla, anchors

Best Live or Breaking News
KDTV, San Francisco, "Solo a las Once" Only at Eleven - Alaska Airlines
Sandra Thomas, news director; Vincenta Jauregui, producer; Manuel Arreola, writer

Best Special News Program
KOLO-TV, Reno, “The Legacy of the Mapes," KOLO News Staff

Best Investigative Reporting
KDTV, San Francisco, "Batalia por los Latinos," Edgardo Quijano, Reporter; Alex Pimentel, Photographer

Best Multi-part Series
KOIN-TV 46, Salinas, "Amigos de los Ninos," John Freeman, reporter

Best News Reporting
KFSN-TV, Fresno, "Accident or Negligence?" Kevin Quinn, Reporter; Sam Gill, Photojournalist

Best Feature Reporting - Serious
KDTV, San Francisco, Mixtecos: Un largo viaje," Cynthia Harris, Reporter

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KSBW-TV, Salinas, "We Are Fed Up," Andres Valenzuela, producer/photographer

Best Specialty Reporting
KFSN-TV, Fresno, "Person of the Week"  Warren Armstrong, Kate Mistol, anchor/reporters

Best Sports-Feature/Segment
KUVS-TV, Sacramento, "X-Games," Albert Garcia, producer/photojournalist

Best Weather-Segment/Story:
KEYT-TV, Santa Barbara, "Key News at 5PM Weather." Steve Stewart, chief meteorologist

Best News Writing
KFSN-TV, Fresno, "Santa Al," Kate Misrol, anchor/reporter

Best Reporter-Photographer-Editor
KOIN-TV 46, Salinas, "Amigos de los Ninos," John Freeman, reporter/photographer/editor

Best News Photography
KUVS-TV, Sacramento, "Albert Garcia Composite," Albert Garcia, photojournalist

Best Videotape Editing
KUVS-TV, Sacramento, "Albert Garcia Composite," Albert Garcia, editor

Radio - Division "AA"

Best News Broadcast - under 15 Minutes
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "KCBS 3PM News," Ed Cavagnaro, news director; Mike Pulsipher, Patti Reising, anchors; Tom Lippi, Mark Seelig producers; Terry Conway, writer

Best News Broadcast - 15 minutes of over:
KGO-AM, San Francisco, "The KGO Morning News with Ed and Ted," Greg Tantum, news director; Ed Baxter, Ted Wygant, anchors; Julie Chin, Allan Ray, producers; Alisa Bo, engineer; Mary Ellen Geist, Jennifer Jones, Bret Burkhart, reporters; Rick Walcoff, sports anchor; Leo Ciolino, weather anchor; Katie Leaver traffic reporter

Best Live or Breaking News
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "Recycling Fire, "Start Bunger, Susan Leigh Taylor, anchors; KCBS news team

Best Special News Program
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "Hired Hands," Mike Sugerman, reporter

Best Investigative Reporting
KGO-AM, San Francisco, "Spare Change," Bret Burkhart, reporter

Best Multi-Part Series
KFBK-AM, Sacramento, Sacramento - Valley of Meth," Jeff Bell anchor; Kami Loyd, Rob Artigo, Mama Davis, Laura Ingle, Jim Fannin, Jason Kobely, reporters; Cristi Landes, Judy Farah, Drew Sandsor, editor/producers; Michael Murray, producer; Ken Kohl, operations director

Best News Reporting
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "Working Poor," Mike Sugerman, reporter

Best Feature Reporting - Serious
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "Everest," Mike Soven, reporter

Best Feature Reporting - Light
KQED-FM, San Francisco, "Web Fortress," Kai Ryssdal, reporter

Best Sports Segment/Feature
KCBS-AM, San Francisco "The Thrill is Gone," Steve Bitker, sports anchor

Best Weather - Segment/Story
KCBS-AM, San Francisco "Wind Storm," Rebecca Corral, Anchor; KCBS news team

Best Traffic Reporting
KGO-AM, San Francisco, "Bay Bridge Blues," Stan Burford, traffic anchor; Jon Wailon, traffic reporter; and the KGO Airforce

Best News Writing
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, “Working Poor," Mike Sugerman, reporter

Best Use of Sound (Tie)
KCBS-AM, San Francisco, "Everest," Doug Soven, reporter
KGO-AM, San Francisco, "In Pursuit," R.J. Peruman, reporter

Best Website
KCBS-AM, San Francisco "kcbs.com," The KCBS Web writing team*

Radio - Division "A"

Best News Broadcast - Under 15 Minutes
KNC0-AM, Grass Valley, "Morning News," Jim Kerr, news director; JoAnn Chartier, Bob Griffith, anchor/reporters; Miah Garlic, producer

Best Special News Program
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento, "Healing Healthcare: Inside the Real E.R." Sue Wilson, executive producer/host
Dr. Michael Joyce, Suzanne Marmion, reporters

Best Investigative Reporting
KXJZ-FM, Sacramento, "Healing Healthcare: Prescription for Change," Sue Wilson, executive producer/host;
Dr. Michael Joyce, Suzanne Marmion, reporters

Best Feature Reporting-Light
KNCO-AM, Grass Valley, "Violin Story," Rob Griffith, news anchor

Best Sports - Segment/Feature
KSFO-AM, San Francisco, "Say Hey, Willie Mays," Natalie Leong, anchor

Best News Writing
KNCO-AM, Grass Valley, "Mystery Cairns," Rob Griffith, news anchor

Best One-Person News Department
KFOG-FM, San Francisco, "KFOG News," Peter Finch, news director

Best Use of Sound
KFOG-FM, San Francisco, "Get Real Girls," Peter Finch, reporter;
Greg Portillo, production specialist

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